Frustration Defined: Trump, Donald

Frustration (google search image).
Frustration (google search image).

Anyone can verbalize some much needed and tougher foreign policy ideas.  And, other Republican candidates have.  But for Trump to go on and on and on at the January 14th debate about the false issue of Cruz not being a naturally born citizen . . . he’s willing to promote false issues, look stupid, name call . . . and whatever to get ahead.

Angry frustration
Angry frustration (google search image).

False, childish, and rude . . . Trump.  We will suffer greatly from such a person as the head of our country.  Obama has not handled foreign or domestic policy at all well, but Trump would be the opposite.  He would cause problems just the same, only from a different direction.  As Ben Carson asked at the debate, where has the attitude come from in this country where everyone is at everyone else’s throats?  Why is there the rudeness, the wars, all against all?  Trump represents this awful attitude, and the people in the pit are cheering him on.

Christ face-palming.
Christ face-palming (image from Google search).

What has happened to America when a rude, mean-spirited, lying, and hugely rich business man (with some questionable business practices) has become the top presidential candidate?  Yes, he did lie when defensively saying he did not insult candidate Carly Fiorina, when he clearly had.  How can anyone possibly want such a person as president???  What has happened to America?  Call America whatever you want, but don’t ever call it Christian.

Flipping table emoticon
Flipping table emoticon. Christ flipped tables over people being cheated with disrespect for God, not over the rule of the Romans.

Frustration ahead

Post Script.  During the last debate in New Hampshire, Trump was more subdued than normal.  He was more normal than normal.  This is a good thing, but makes one question which Trump is the real Trump.  In any case, I like what he said about health insurance, about health care, about not letting anyone die on the street.  Most of the other republicans have “plans” that would only benefit the upper half of Americans (and that still seems to be a “maybe”).  As far as I can tell, Carly Fiorina is actually dealing with the issues that matter in American health care, showing her to be the only truly anti-establishment candidate.  She advocates that all health service organizations need to post their prices for everything, for all to see.  Only then would our health care system be competitive as the republicans keep claiming they want it to be.  Only with this kind of transparency and pricing commitment on the part of providers would prices go down, it seems to me.  Unless we adopted a one-payer, non-profit system, that is, where pricing wasn’t dependent on the shadows or on doling out profits from your illnesses to shareholders.

Post Post Script.  South Carolina debate and its aftermath.  Well, who would’ve guessed that the latest debate would be something like a free-for-all brawl?  Continuing in his new-found “normal” vein of being, Trump did indeed have his say, but I haven’t heard of him calling women ugly, fat, or anything like that lately.  He has been bringing up some good points/solutions, and I just wonder why, previously, he felt it was the best idea to appeal to the lowest common denominator in society.  Considering how Cruz has indeed been deceptive lately, and how during this last debate he refused to answer an immigration question but used his time to instead attack Rubio on the same old, tired, and ridiculous issue . . . I have a different and negative view of him now.  Trump is actually making some sense regarding health care and keeping jobs in America.  The other candidates are too establishment, it does indeed seem, to be able to deal with these important issues in any real way.   It seems that Kasich would be a good president, but he just can’t seem to get enough support.


4 thoughts on “Frustration Defined: Trump, Donald”

  1. I used to be a huge political junkie but following it closely caused so much stress I had to scale it way back.

    I hate to admit it but American politics is so broken all Christians can do is pray that God sorts it out.

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    1. Yeah, I’m with you! I think this was my first overtly political post . . . maybe there’s some old one back there. I don’t want to get into politics, I just got to the end of my rope with Trump.

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  2. While I like what he said about health care, I am still concerned about having him in office. Well, all the republicans have their faults…. and being disabled, healthcare is a huge thing for me.

    Then there’s the dems…. who want to remove all your rights… really, the conspiracy theorists make a very good argument for what they believe in when you look at it… it’s rigged! We don’t really have a choice of leader, because they have the same end goal… to screw us over!


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