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Remembering Jonathan Foster (and the racist media), and Joshua Chellew, and Ray Widstrand, and . . .

This started as a reblog.  Please see the blog post Mona Nelson Trial – She Kidnapped Him, She Tied Him Up With Twine, and Then Slowly Burned Him To Death With A Blowtorch -On Christmas Eve- The Trial Began This Week

Maybe the media think the black lady that very brutally and sadistically murdered an innocent 12 year old white kid think she was simply crazy and wasn’t acting out any racial hatred.  Well . . . then they should’ve never went through all the trouble they did with the non-racist Zimmerman.

They basically tried to start a race war – I don’t see how else to view it.   There are many lies out there about Zimmerman and people just eat it up!  Amazing.  If you look at my previous reblog,  “I am not Trayvon . . . .” you can find a link to Zimmerman’s parents’ page.  Zimmerman went way above and beyond in helping a homeless black man against police – what he did was rare.  His black neighbors really like him.  So WHY the witch hunt, lynching mob, officiated by the Obama white house, even?  And, of course, the racism (and homophobism) from Trayvon and his friend were ignored.  None of us are safe from the media or government of our own country anymore.

Anyway, I didn’t know about Jonathan Foster; it wasn’t reported on much when he died, and the trial is not being reported on by the general media.  We all should have been informed about him.  This poor kid deserved to be remembered, and his family deserves our prayers and sympathy.  But does the media care?  No.  They just care about smearing an innocent man and his family to death (Zimmerman’s family also has had many many death threats, can’t live at their home, his sister had to quit her government job [!], etc.).  It’s all not just beyond belief, but beyond all reason.

See also (and these are all very recent):

Why is Joshua Chellew less important than Trayvon Martin?  A different article on Joshua’s murder said it wasn’t racially motivated, but gang on gang, because Joshua – a completely white/pink guy in his 30s – flashed a rival gang symbol.  AND, this came from police investigators.  PLEASE, seriously, do you all think we’re THAT stupid?  Talk about blaming the victim!  We need to change our country (write the Cobb County police?.

Group of Black Youths Reportedly Beat Hispanic Man While Yelling, ‘This Is for Trayvon’  Racism, alive and well (and I’m not talking about from whites).

Allen West asks why the ‘usual race baiters’ are silent on bus beating

In near-fatal East Side beating, three more teens charged  This poor guy.  I DID read about it when it happened, but there wasn’t all that much news on it.  This guy would be dead if not for modern medicine, but even so, he will suffer permanent brain damage (according to one source).  At least the police didn’t have the audacity to claim that Ray flashed a gang symbol and therefore kind-of deserved to be attacked . . .

“I Am Not Trayvon. I Am An American.” by Raul Mas Canosa

Below are a great many excerpts from “I Am Not Trayvon.  I Am An American.” by Raul Mas Canosa (Fox News Latino July 23, 2013).   Please click on the link to read the whole article and to find out about the author.

I was deeply offended by Jesús Iñiguez’s opinion piece “Hispanic or Not, We Are All Trayvon Martin.” I was also shocked that Fox News Latino would publish such an incendiary piece of race baiting and hateful speech more worthy of Granma than a supposedly serious news organization. . . . .

Let’s talk about why Hispanics should not sympathize with Trayvon Martin or the rabble rousing charlatans that foolishly liken him to the great civil rights martyrs of the 20th century.

Let’s also talk about why Hispanics should not cast their lot with race baiting profiteers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley or the Congressional Black Caucus. We also shouldn’t side with President Obama and the rest of an administration hell-bent on using every organ of the state, and every bit of raw political power, to divide and undermine the wonderful melting pot that is America.

If we should be supporting anybody it should be George Zimmerman. We should defend him and the legal system that found him NOT GUILTY. We should support him because the FBI could find no evidence that George Zimmerman ever engaged in any racist behavior. We should defend Zimmerman not because he is Hispanic but because it is the right thing to do: pure and simple.

America is a country based on the concept of equal protection under the law. The system is far from perfect and abuses have no doubt taken place in the past. It is however, the best system in the world. Millions flock here seeking the great opportunities and the level playing field offered by a robust and proven legal and economic system.

Unfortunately, we have our problems. One of them is a big crime problem. A lot of our crime is violent in nature. Statistics show that the majority of violent crime is committed by young black males. In places like New York City, almost 75 percent of violent crime comes at the hands of young black thugs. Most of the violent crime is blacks killing other blacks in gang and drug related vendettas. It is an ugly but undeniable reality.

In his hometown of Miami Gardens, Trayvon Martin was apparently a thug wannabe. He had been suspended from high school after a history of defacing school property, possessing stolen jewelry and burglary tools (a potential third degree felony in Florida) and most recently for smoking dope. The Miami Herald and other legitimate news sources have confirmed these facts. . . .

That is why Trayvon was in Orlando walking through the rain, at night, alone, in a neighborhood that had, unfortunately, been frequently vandalized by individuals he resembled, both physically and by disposition. He had been kicked out of school for criminal activity…not for bad grades or for talking smack to his teachers.

Let me pause and make something very clear. Trayvon didn’t deserve to die. No child should have his life cut short. No parent should bury their child prematurely. It is a tragedy of the highest order when children, even teenagers, die needlessly. The vast majority of Americans share this sentiment. But the truth requires that we speak plainly, even if it hurts or offends.

Trayvon Martin sowed the seeds of his own destruction. It started with his bad behavior. It was compounded with his hooded camouflage on a dark, rainy night in a frightened neighborhood. It was sealed when he viciously attacked George Zimmerman, an innocent man, legally armed, wanting to protect his neighborhood.

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case. That is a red herring to distract attention from Trayvon’s assault on Zimmerman. Nevertheless, in Florida law-abiding black gun owners have disproportionately benefited from the stand your ground defense when it has been relevant. . . .

What about the oft mentioned civil rights affinity that exists between African-Americans and Hispanics?

There is no such affinity.

Blacks see Hispanics as an economic threat, not as an ally. The whole civil rights synergy is an elaborate kabuki theatre promoted by black and Hispanic activists simply to keep affirmative action going for as long as possible.

The only civil right that really matters is money in your pocket to feed and clothe your family. When it comes to that, America’s black leaders have a consistent record of unbridled antipathy toward all immigrants.

Hispanics (and other immigrants) compete with African-Americans for jobs, especially at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum and in the inner cities. Immigrants have displaced many blacks in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other industries. They have also made significant inroads into the government jobs that have historically been closed shops dominated by black workers…and their main pathway into the middle class.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have been meeting with the President to derail immigration reform. I can’t blame them. With black unemployment running almost twice the national average, blacks are already at a huge disadvantage in the workforce. Adding more legal workers anxious to achieve the “American Dream” will only make it that much harder for blacks to succeed or hold on to their economic gains.

Meantime, President Obama, our first mixed-race President, has decided to harass George Zimmerman, another mixed-race individual, for as long as possible. He has instructed his Department of Justice —whose name is quickly becoming a misnomer— to set up a tipster hotline to dig up any racist dirt, real or imagined, to crucify the exonerated Zimmerman. Those are the same hateful tactics used by white segregationists against black people. 

This is the promise of Hope and Change? This is what you call progress?

It is despicable. It sickens me. America’s first black President, the Nobel Prize winning Messiah who was going to bring us to the promised land of racial harmony and equality, has done more to divide this country than any President I have witnessed in my entire lifetime. He has alienated conservatives with his IRS Tea Party witch hunt. He has offended Jews by calling into question the territorial integrity of the State of Israel. He has antagonized hard working people of all ethnicities with his costly health care mandates and increased taxes. The list goes on and on.

Unlike the inane Mr. Iñiguez, I do not stand in solidarity with Trayvon Martin. I have no desire to align myself with his apologists or the race baiting profiteers in the media, in the black community, in Congress and in the White House who are intent on using his death to tear this country apart. They are putting us on a path to race riots in America.

I am proud of my Cuban roots but I am first and foremost an American. I sympathize with but have little in common ideologically with other Hispanics, including our celebrity starlets and harlots, who fawn over a President whose cronies and supporters now denigrate an innocent Latino and the very principles that are the bedrock of our sacred democracy. Countless white, black, Hispanic, Asian and other-Americans have fought and died for those principles. They were only Americans when it mattered.

So I am an American.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Don’t confuse me with other hyphenated quasi-Americans who love their country only when their selfish interests are met and their pocketbooks lined with thirty pieces of silver.

I am not one of them…and never will be.

Thank God.

Maybe the president should be impeached.  If this kind-of thing is what the rich and powerful of this country want, I doubt that will happen, however.
Did anyone notice that the media posted articles about Zimmerman helping rescue a family out of an overturned van four days after it actually happened?  The event occurred last Wednesday evening, then the planned protests happened over the weekend, and then the media writes about Zimmerman’s good Samaritan actions on Monday?  Maybe the did just find out on Monday, but I’d like to see proof of that.
Also of note is the ACLU’s stance on the Zimmerman case.  It supports leaving the guy alone and it wrote to the white house to say so.  One article about it is here.  Zimmerman’s mom comes from the most disadvantaged in her home country, Peru, yet the media insists that GZ is “white” here, fueling the racist agenda.  Interesting article about the Peruvian side of the family here; the informative family website is here.

Impeachment: The Unthinkable Process


Unemployment rate is not 7.7%. Tired of the news feeding you misleading information?

English: United States mean duration of unempl...

I can say with confidence that the unemployment rate is not 7.7%, since that figure is only one of six measures the Labor Department uses to decipher U.S. unemployment. For some bizarre reason, “news” stations keep feeding us this one measure without doing the slightest bit of analysis; they are the country’s (or administration’s) cheerleaders instead of information providers.  The written news media sometimes do a better job at reporting the actual figures (see the source article, for instance).

The unemployment rate is closer to 14.3%. This is the figure the Labor Department also came up with for February, 2013, which includes all those persons underemployed who want an actual job that pays their bills (it does not include part-timers who are happy with their hours), those persons who want to work but have stopped looking because there’re no jobs where they live, etc. As a note, since these figures are based on surveys, and the unemployed/homeless might not be answering their phone (if they have one), the statistic has the possibility of being too low. There are a lot of homeless around here and I don’t think they’ve answered any survey calls from the Labor Department – but they should be a part of the statistic given in the next paragraph.

Another statistic put out by the Labor Department is the ratio of employed persons relative to the overall working-age population.  For February, that ratio had not changed.  It is standing at 58.6%.  By way of comparison, in the year 2000 it was 64.7%.

The long-term unemployed number has not changed, standing at 4.8 million.  The longer these people remain unemployed, the harder it will be for them to get hired.  That is what we saw happen during the recession, in any case, and I don’t see employers changing their hearts on this matter.  Underemployment also stands the same as before, at 8 million.  I don’t see corporations changing their hearts on this either – it’s all about making more and more money to bolster stock prices and returns (this is my opinion based on personal experience, talking with others, and documentaries).

And what to make of this?  From Recession Like Symptoms, March 7, 2013.

In its reporting of monthly job-cuts for February this morning, Challenger, Gray & Christmas informed us of a sharp spike in layoffs. It is information that certainly runs counter to the market’s direction today, and it asks an important question about the economy, too. . . .

Maybe it’s for good reason. Job-cuts increased by 37%, to 55,356, which is a rather high level and could offer another warning about the economy. After all, fourth quarter GDP was just revised barely into positive territory and last month’s Employment Situation Report showed deterioration. Those are important recession-like symptoms, and hard to mistake for anything else.

Source of this information,  Unemployment rate: How many Americans are really unemployed?, and recommendations:  The Recession and Recovery in Perspective; Employment Situation Summary Table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted; Unemployment Is 18.0% NOT 7.7% (alternate link:

1927 Mass School Murder the worst in our history. Could it have been prevented?

Michigan 1927 school killing was worst in nation’s history

Did you wonder, after the horrific Connecticut school shooting, what actually was the worst school slaying event in our nation’s history that kept being mentioned in the media?  Here’s the story of it, and it’s crazy and gross.  Read the whole thing.  I know that serial killers are often considered to be nice and contributing members of society, but they are socio- or psychopaths.  This guy wasn’t a serial killer but was nice and contributed to society too, but he just flipped out after life became too against him.  If he had gotten help with his issue, like we should help with our neighbors and community, then I don’t think that this 1927 tragedy would have occurred.

Youcef Nadarkhani Re-Arrested on Christmas Day

Youcef Nadarkhani Re-Arrested by Iranian Authorities on Christmas Day.

This is just flat-out persecution, Iran thumbing their nose at Christians and any country that is associated with Christianity.  Iran also went against it’s own agreement and arrested Saeed Abedini, an American Iranian, earlier this year (  Come on, everyone, write to your representatives and ask them to do something about iran.

Iranian American Pastor Unlawfully Imprisoned in Iran

Saeed Abedini and his family.  From Fox News online.
Saeed Abedini and his family. From Fox News online.

The situation for American reverend, Saeed Abedini, is getting desperate as no progress has been made in having him released from Iran’s worst prison.  He was arrested in Iran on September 26, 2012, while visiting his parents and relatives.  His immediate relatives were placed under house arrest as well.  32 year old Abedini has a wife and two children.

The court in Iran implemented a bail for Abedini, which is large but which his family had acquired,  but no one has actually accepted the bail after several attempts at officially paying it.  Officials reject their paper work and funds and tell them to get lost.  Making the situation grave is the lack of diplomatic relations between the US and Iran.

When Abedini still lived in Iran he had converted to Christianity and helped found underground churches.  Having had many run-ins with the government, he moved to the US and signed an agreement with the them.  If he did not do any more Christian evangelical work, the Iranian government would leave him alone when he visited the country.  The government has failed to keep their side of the bargain, however.  Abedini has helped, and continues to help, in setting up an orphanage in Iran.  He has visited his family and helped with the orphanage during a number of visits to Iran in recent years, but during this year’s trip he was imprisoned without charges.

Please pray for Abidini and his family.  To find out more, visit this article:  American Pastor Imprisoned without Notice of Charges While Visiting Family in Iran.  See BosNewsLife and Persecution.Org for news of other Iranian detentions.

Just prior to Abedini’s arrest, there was great news that Iranian Pastor Yousef Nardakhani was released from prison there.  He had been imprisoned for almost three years and had faced execution.  Compass Direct on Yousef Nardakhani’s Release.

Adam Lanza’s Possible Motive (link to article)

EXCLUSIVE: Fear of being committed may have caused Connecticut gunman to snap | Fox News.

How utterly sad and unfortunate.  People need to be more involved with their families.  Why was Adam’s brother (and father, apparently) so aloof?  Why did the mom have to take this all alone, and support Adam all alone?  No doubt the family dynamic influenced Adam for the worst.  In any case, here is another reason why we need to change the way dangerous mental health issues are not dealt with in this country.  Adam’s mom should’ve been able to do something sooner, before Adam had time to smoulder about it.  (All this is said with the idea that the information in this article is true.  There has been so much misinformation made public in this case that I don’t fully trust anything about it anymore.)

“I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother:” Finally, great article (with link and comment)

‘I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother’: A Mom’s Perspective On The Mental Illness Conversation In America.

Yes, so glad to see some perspective on this and past violence by those with mental challenges.  US – please lets wake up and get these people some care BEFORE they kill people and end up in prison.  It’s SO absurd that families and communities are having to deal with this alone, and even sacrifice their very lives.

Open Comment to US Representatives Regarding Gun Control

I’m not a member of the NRA, the Republican party, or any such so-called group of nutty control freaks.  I do, however, want my right to own a firearm preserved.  I deserve the right to protect myself and those around me from others who threaten or attack with a firearm.  And making them illegal will not stop violent people from having them.  Nor will it stop nutty violent people from killing others.  Men in China have slaughtered children in schools with knives . . . bombs are apparently easy to make . . . .   People who are bent on killing others will find a way to do so.  The problem is partly or mostly a social-cultural one (the rest is a problem of individual psychiatric imbalance) (as a Christian, I believe in the forces of evil, but this is not a post to get into how that ties in here).

Our culture promotes aggression and greed – selfish behavior.  It’s all about self and money.  Do things YOURSELF, do it ALL YOURSELF.  Also, we are into letting people do things all by and of THEMSELVES, so we don’t do anything about crazy people.  We just leave them be until they go totally nuts and kill people.  The guns the shooter used in Newton were and are inanimate objects.  They are dangerous, to be sure, but not evil in themselves.  It was the shooter’s evil that caused the deaths of all those innocent people.

When are we going to start being a more community-oriented country, instead of one where everyone has to pull themselves up by their bootstraps (even if they have some bad disease or ailment)?  Where so many people can’t pull themselves up, anyway, because there are fewer and fewer full-time jobs, and most things are more expensive while we make less, and where executives and do-nothing investors keep making more money while we make less?  It is kind-of amazing to me that more protesting, rioting, and violence hasn’t occurred.  Keep people too tired, worried, but also entertained with sports and games, and not too much happens . . .

Anyway, I have the right to defend myself, and many persons with firearms in this country have indeed stopped violent attackers from harming themselves or others.  When shootings like Newton occur, it’s so awful and tragic that people have a knee-jerk reaction to gun ownership.  Maybe there’s a way to make it harder for unstable people to use or acquire guns, and I would be for that.  In the case of the Lanza’s, would any new regulations have helped?  There is not enough known yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, I have my doubts.  We need to be more proactive, as people and a nation, in addressing the needs of those with mental health issues in our communities.  Quit ignoring THAT, and maybe we’ll all be a bit safer (yes, it’s OK to butt into other people’s business if it means saving lives).  More so than if you take away good folks’ defense against armed criminals and deranged folks.

We need to be more community-oriented, period, which means being more socially loving and showing concern for our neighbors.

(Imagine the change in this country if corporations actually started acting this way . . . we need to start fixing our cold, aggressive, greedy, selfish hearts, rather than taking people’s rights away.)

[A little bit of food for thought:  Obama sheds fake tears]

A PS:  Is anyone else seriously tired of all the conflicting “news” in the news (like, the shooters mom worked at the school, but now she doesn’t, and no other info is given?  Or that his dad was found dead, but then he wasn’t?)?  All day I’ve been checking back to see what the motive of the killer was, since early on it was reported that investigators had good evidence for the motive.  But now, I’m seeing new articles (like in the Huffington Post), that say they don’t know the motive . . .  So tired of US media and whatever goes on with censoring.  If you want to know some more detailed news, or any news at all, check out foreign sources.

A PSS:  “The victims of the shooting were shot multiple times by a rifle, a medical examiner said Saturday . . .”  Yet no rifle was found in the school; Lanza killed himself (apparently) in the school at the time police arrived – he didn’t run back to the car, dump a rifle, and then go back in and kill himself.  Quote (not my commentary) from:

Gun Control at Just the Facts

Couldn’t have said it Better: Christians persecuted throughout the world

Western media generally ignores Christian persecution (photo by baikahl,

There is now a high risk that the Churches will all but vanish from their biblical heartlands in the Middle East.

Wow.  I just wanted to share this article (below, in part) because I certainly couldn’t have said all that better myself.  I’ve been bad about not posting persecution updates, and it is partly due to the fact that the persecution is just so persistent and depressing.  The killing, maiming, threatening, imprisoning, etc., of Christians goes on everyday in just so many places, that I pray generally for my persecuted brothers and sisters.  It’s a tough one.  Jesus told us we’d be persecuted, so it’s natural to the faith; we are told to take joy in it, since the persecutors are really persecuting Jesus – it’s an acknowledgment of the truth of our faith and of the truth about God.  Still, it’s sad and horrible on an emotional level, and we are to pray without ceasing . . .

Here is the first part of the article by Rupert Shortt, as published in The Telegraph yesterday.  Please click on the link that follows it to read the rest of the article.

Imagine the unspeakable fury that would erupt across the Islamic world if a Christian-led government in Khartoum had been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Muslims over the past 30 years. Or if Christian gunmen were firebombing mosques in Iraq during Friday prayers. Or if Muslim girls in Indonesia had been abducted and beheaded on their way to school, because of their faith.

Such horrors are barely thinkable, of course. But they have all occurred in reverse, with Christians falling victim to Islamist aggression. Only two days ago, a suicide bomber crashed a jeep laden with explosives into a packed Catholic church in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 100. The tragedy bore the imprint of numerous similar attacks by Boko Haram (which roughly translates as “Western education is sinful”), an exceptionally bloodthirsty militant group.

Other notable trouble spots include Egypt, where 600,000 Copts – more than the entire population of Manchester – have emigrated since the 1980s in the face of harassment or outright oppression.

Why is such a huge scourge chronically under-reported in the West? One result of this oversight is that the often inflated sense of victimhood felt by many Muslims has festered unchallenged. Take the fallout of last month’s protests around the world against the American film about the Prophet Mohammed. While most of the debate centred on the rule of law and the limits of free speech, almost nothing was said about how much more routinely Islamists insult Christians, almost always getting away with their provocations scot-free.