Contents II: Reviews, Pop Culture, Health

For your viewing and reading convenience, a list of most Gaming, Hello Kitty, Health, & More posts at With Christian Eyes (some posts are equally “Christian” and “Secular” and so are listed in both Contents pages).


Book, TV, Movie, and Documentary Reviews

  1. Person of Interest’s God/Anti-God Allegory in Season 4 (Part 1 of 2)
  2. Person of Interest’s God/Anti-God Allegory in Season 4 (Part 2 of 2)
  3. Broadchurch (Season 1): Christianity, Male Affections, and What the Slug Said
  4. “A Grief Observed” (C.S. Lewis on his wife’s death)
  5. Secular girl activist meets Christian girl activist: love and necromancy, OR, An Encounter with Simone Weil: A film review
  6. The Christmas Spirit: “What Men Live By” by Leo Tolstoy
  7. Christian Books for Reference and Reading (of course!)
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy: Nihilism Rejected
  9. “Against Calvinism,” a counterpoint book by Roger E. Olson
  10. Review: “Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate”
  11. “Science & Human Origins” Informational Review
  12. Review: “God According to God”
  13. “God’s Battalions”: A Corrective to Revisionist Crusades History This is a concise review.
  14. Breaking Bad season 5: Did anyone else want to throw the TV out?
  15. Thoughts and Counter Thoughts on “30-Second Philosophies”
  16. “The Way My Ideas Think Me:”  An Explanation

Gaming Related (includes Reviews & Religion Related Analysis)

  1. Fallout 4. Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better (Overview)
  2. Fallout 4. Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better (Story)
  3. By the Waters of Babylon: Fallout’s Honest Hearts, S. Vincent Benet’s Short Story, and the Biblical Psalm
  4. The Old is New Again: We Recommend Playing Morrowind
  5. Dragon Age’s Newest DLC, The Descent: First Impressions, Screen Shots
  6. Favorite Skyrim (Unmodded) Screen Shots (Use Allowed with Attribution)
  7. New Skyrim Playthrough, “Let’s Play Skyrim with Babe’s Got Bow” (or for playlist, go to Lingering Trees)
  8. Does DA: Inquisition’s Imshael having anything to do with Ishmael and Islam?
  9. DA Inquisition (+ DLC): Crafting Materials Tables, Organized by Map
  10. Jaws of Hakkon, DA Inquisition’s First Expansion, is Beautiful
  11. Destiny’s Story: the Nature of Evil and Its Corrupting Influence
  12. Don’t Buy Destiny . . . Unless
  13. Destiny’s Notebook
  14. Destiny, a New Kind of Online Multiplayer Video Game
  15. Garden Warfare (PvZ) Gameplay: Hosting, False Flowers, and that Bomb Carrying Gnome
  16. Garden Warfare: The game for Christians (and others) who prefer bloodless mayhem
  17. Fallout New Vegas: Comments from a Christian
  18. Video Game Violence: Skyrim vs Fallout 3
  19. Let’s look at ALLL the new things in COD: Ghosts (generally speaking)
  20. Christian Parents: Should you let your kids play Skyrim (now with Dawnguard and Hearthfire)?
  21. Hearthfire (Skyrim): The Quest for Butter
  22. On Skyrim: A Vent from a Christian Parent (a mom who plays)
  23. Dragonborn DLC Playability and the Skaal Religion
  24. Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC, a Christian’s View
  25. I lost the men in my family to DayZ
A caged skeleton in Skyrim
We should stick together . . . yes.


Hello Kitty, Health and . . . More

  1. Hello Kitty is Popular, but is she Evil?
  2. Everyday sayings from the Bible – There may be more than you think!
  3. Ulcerative Colitis: An (Often Misunderstood) Autoimmune Disease
  4. Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (I); Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (II); Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (III)
  5. Appendicitis Symptoms are not always “Typical”
  6. “Health-care price gouging is a scandal . . . “
  7. Warning! Labels, menus, and other ESL hilarity
  8. Why, Oh WHY, do Asian noodles have so many calories?
  9. “Screw Calm and Get Angry” Quotes
  10. Ginger & Honey for Sore Throat; Hose for Plantars Warts!?
  11. 1927 Mass School Murder the worst in our history.  Could it have been prevented?  [mini post]



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