Contents I: Bible, Christian, Social Justice

For your viewing and reading convenience, a list of most Bible, Christian, and Social Justice posts at With Christian Eyes (some posts are equally “Christian” and “Secular” and so are listed in both Contents pages).


Apologetical, Theological, Bible Study/Commentary (Not including Reviews)

  1.  Do Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians?
  2. Michal the Maligned; King David’s First Wife
  3. Words Christians Use Explained: “A” Terms; Words Christians Use Explained: “B” Terms
  4. Thanks, WordPress, for Reminding Me of the Noahic Covenant (and educationally sarcastic piece)
  5. The Disadvantaged and the Pharisees of Our Day
  6. “You don’t deserve a job” is like “You don’t deserve to live.” Christian based, really?
  7. Is it Rational to be a Christian? (1 of 2)
  8. Is it Rational to be a Christian? (2 of 2)
  9. New Testament Views of Women: Overview
  10. New Testament Views of Women: Paul’s Female Co-workers
  11. New Testament Views of Women: 1 Corinthians 14:34-36
  12. NT Views of Women, 1 Timothy 2:11-15 (Part 2)
  13. The Samaritan Woman
  14. What does God say about employer obligations, worker rights?
  15. Julian of Norwich’s Showings (Visions) Summarized
  16. Is it ever OK to lie or deceive? Biblical considerations
  17. Where is God? God’s whisper to Elijah
  18. God’s Compassion: the Ninevites and the Canaanites
  19. Jesus in Job
  20. A Short on the Argument from Desire (Goethe, Lewis, Kreeft)
  21. Lessons in the Psalms: Summaries of C.S. Lewis’s Thought (1 of 3)
  22. Lessons in the Psalms: Summaries of C.S. Lewis’s Thought (2 of 3)
  23. Lessons in the Psalms: Summaries of C.S. Lewis’s Thought (3 of 3)
  24. Did Christ and his followers drink wine, or grape juice?
  25. Prophecies fulfilled, others set in motion, at Jesus’ birth
  26. The Parable of the 10 Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13): Confusion and Understanding
  27. The Repentant Criminal on the Cross, Luke 23:39-43
  28. “Which Libtard said That?” (hint: the Bible is involved)
  29. Is God ever the author of evil? Does God cause evil acts?
  30. Parousia, Shamoosia, Who Needs Christ’s Second Coming?
  31. What is Christian Freedom, Christian Obedience?
  32. “Why do Christians ‘pick and choose’ which Biblical laws to follow?”
  33. “Gay Love” by K. Smart: Excerpts and Pulled Verses
  34. Bisexual Raised by Lesbians: Thoughtfully Against Gay Adoptions [related to the applicable Bible study posts]

Book and Movie/Documentary Reviews

  1. Broadchurch (Season 1): Christianity, Male Affections, and What the Slug Said
  2. “A Grief Observed” (C.S. Lewis on his wife’s death)
  3. Secular girl activist meets Christian girl activist: love and necromancy, OR, An Encounter with Simone Weil: A film review
  4. The Christmas Spirit: “What Men Live By” by Leo Tolstoy
  5. Christian Books for Reference and Reading (of course!)
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy: Nihilism Rejected
  7. “Against Calvinism,” a counterpoint book by Roger E. Olson
  8. Review: “Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate”
  9. “Science & Human Origins” Informational Review
  10. Review: “God According to God”
  11. “God’s Battalions”: A Corrective to Revisionist Crusades History This is a concise review.
  12. Breaking Bad season 5: Did anyone else want to throw the TV out?
  13. Thoughts and Counter Thoughts on “30-Second Philosophies”
  14. “The Way My Ideas Think Me:”  An Explanation


  1. C.S. Lewis’s Conversions: Atheist to Theist, Theist to Christian
  2. The passionate genius, Simone Weil
  3. Time Stood Still for Bach
  4. A Beautiful Life:  Amanda Berry Smith, 19th century black female evangelist

Social Justice Related,  Opinion, Ministries

  1. Buying a Car or Home with Cash? Good Luck! (The World Doesn’t Like it)
  2. “Which Libtard said That?” (hint: the Bible is involved)
  3. Game Over Videogames CEO: I love you (RE Thanksgiving Memo)
  4. Easter message from Pastor Abedini, imprisoned in Iran
  5. Goodbye Kiddy!  The way of Taliban love
  6. Hope for Men in Survival Prostitution (Chicago):  Emmaus Ministries
  7. Hate Speech in Anti-Christian Rants from the “Educated”
  8. Thoughts on Singing and Evolution
  9. Unemployment rate is not 7.7%.  Tired of the news feeding you misleading information?
  10. Unemployment rate is not 7.5%. Tired of the news feeding you misleading information? (II)
  11. The Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Nation of Sweden
  12. Fiscal Crisis, Fiscal Responsibility, and Fair Taxes
  13. Manufactured (Mobile) Home Parks in Orange County, CA
  14. America the Greedy:  Homes on Land-lease land
  15. Can the Real Estate World get any Weirder?

Christian Poems

  1. Christian Poems I: Henderson, MacNeice, Greenwall
  2. Christian Poems II: Villa, Wilbur, Priest
  3. Christian Poems III: Dillard/Prishvin, Paterson, Dickinson
  4. Christian Poems IV: For Simone Weil
  5. Christian Poems V: Levertov, Halpern
  6. Christian Poems VI: Carson, Schnackenberg
  7. “The Way My Ideas Think Me:” An Explanation
  8. Christian Poems VII: Donne, Herbert
  9. Christian Poems VIII: Nicholson, Aquinas, Priest
  10. Christian Poems IX: Hopkins, Herbert, Milton
  11. Christian (Christmas) Poems X: Shaw, Auden, Eliot
  12. Christian Poems XI: Eliot, and a prayer from Kierkegaard
  13. Christian Poems XII: Three by C.S. Lewis
  14. Christian Poems XIII: Keller and Eliot


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