Hate Speech in Anti-Christian Rants from the “Educated”

Anti-Christian graffiti.
Anti-Christian graffiti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the anti-Christian rhetoric is heating up even more.  I don’t actually see it as much as I could.  I mean, I get told by others what they have read and what they experience in school in this regard, so it’s even worse than I know, apparently.  But click on the link in the sources area for a video of a professor’s talk summarizing his study of anti-Christian bias in academia – you’ll feel like you need to take a shower after hearing what many so-called educated and tolerant people say about Christians.

It never ceases to amaze me (to use that over-used phrase) how so many people on the internet criticize “Christians” with knowing virtually nothing about them.  I can claim that since it’s really very obvious from what these vitriolic critics write (or say) that they don’t know the Bible at all (nor history) and they don’t know all the unselfish and kind-hearted Christians that actually exist out in the real world.  They don’t have a mind-set that says, “Let’s make sure I know what I’m talking about, let’s make sure I’ve looked at the various sides of this issue in a fair and serious way.”  There is a whole lot of idealistic hate speech going on out there aimed at Christians.

I write this because I just came across this article: The Shameful Republican Criminalization of the American Dream.  You can’t get from the title that it’s anit-Christian, but these are the first lines:  “The idea of punishing children for “sins of the father” is deeply rooted in four places in the Christian bible, but like many concepts in that archaic rule book . . .”  Really???  I don’t know how writers like this get published, but then maybe that web site is like a blog or something.

One, how can, all of a sudden, “Republican” be equated with “Christian”?  I am very fed up with Republicans (I’m an independent voter), and I’m a Christian, yet somehow I’m just lumped in this writer’s kindergartenesque stereotype.  And, from what I read in the main stream media, many Catholics are activists for the liberal immigration cause (for lack of a better way of putting it).  How has the writer missed that?  This writer is just like the Muslims who say that America is a Christian nation, and therefore all actions our government does reflect the Christian faith.  (LOL.)

Two, just as a note, there are a whole lot of people – myself included – that have found the “American Dream” to be very elusive.  Doesn’t matter when you came here, or if you were born here – in fact, I’ve met many immigrants who are wealthy.

Three, Christians think (and the Bible conveys) the complete opposite of what the author is claiming about sin.  Sin is individual and children are not spiritually punished by God for the sins of their parents or other ancestors (God does tell us that there are consequences for some held-on sin, however).  We must all confess and repent of our own sins, and our attitude and actions regarding those will lead to salvation, or no (whether we believe we sin or not will of course guide us in acknowledging the need for a savior, or no).  It’s just such a bizarre claim.  Have you witnessed in our country, coming from Republicans or anyone else, the jailing of kids for things their parents did wrong?

Continuing with number three, the reader can take a look at a number of online articles on the subject of sin not being inherited, as provided in the Bible.  One is:   Are Children Responsible for the Sins of Parents?  Here are some summaries with additional information.

Is Anti-Christian Bias in Academia Creating a Christian-Bashing Culture? (patheos.com)

“Should Children Be Punished for Their Parents’ Sins?,” in Hard Sayings of the Bible (p 177-179).


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