Favorite Skyrim Screen Shots (Use Allowed with Attribution)

Skyrim, female Dragonborn using bow with fear enchantment
One of my all time favorite screen shots so far, filtered, and (obviously) used as a cover shot, or thumbnail.

Hello!  I’ve been doing a Skyrim Let’s Play (unmodded game, on XBOX 360, with all expansions) and so far have taken the time to capture screen shots for the video thumb nails.  Please click on the images to see them full size – the small format on this page doesn’t do them justice.

I take many I like that I don’t have a current use for (and I have left some of my best ones out for my own use later).  So, you can use any of these that you like in a blog article, but please attribute them to this site by including a link to this page (I’ll note those I used already in case that matters to you).   I’ll be adding more images and replacing some of the olde ones frequently.  Thank you, and enjoy!  (PS – Even though I’ve spent a great deal of time playing Skyrim in the past, I’ve learned more from viewing it slowly via video and from seeing characters in these stills!)

Skyrim Draugr
Some Draugr are after me! (Previously used as a thumbnail image)


Skyrim, bloodied dragon
A dragon, all bloodied, about to meet his demise.


Jyrik Gauldurson and the Eye of Magnus.
Jyrik Gauldurson and the Eye of Magnus. Love his helmet! (Previously used as a thumbnail image.)

Draugr Overlord
Draugr Overlord


Lord Geirmund
Lord Geirmund with his key


My fire atronach, with room at left to add text. Notice that she seems to be smiling, at least mildly. This is more than you can make your own character do . . .
My fire atronach, with room at left to add text. Notice that she seems to be smiling, at least mildly. This is more than you can make your own character do . . .


The Drunken Huntsman sign, Skyrim
The Drunken Huntsman sign, Skyrim. Just in case you needed one.


Skyrim, giant frostbite spider getting flamed
Giant, nasty, frostbite spider getting flamed.


Bald female draugr in nighty
This is perhaps not the best composition, but it’s clear and an interesting example of a female draugr. Bald and in a nighty, or perhaps slip.


Skyrim, dragon ready to fire!
Flying dragon readying his fire attack.


Skyrim dragon, Mirmulnir's dying words
Electric attack on Mirmulnir. His dying words: “Dovahkiin! No!!”


A caged skeleton in Skyrim
We should stick together . . . yes. (Previously used at this blog in one of the Contents pages.)


The ways of men, Skyrim humor
As far as the picture goes, this is nothing special. It’s the dialogue that counts, showing the humor (limited that it is) in Skyrim: “Half the men in Whiterun have proposed to me. Some were even single.”


Skyrim, a female Dragonborn in Dragonsreach
My “let’s play” character (female Breton with whitish war paint) in Dragonsreach, Whiterun.


Skyrim, Draugr peek-a-boo
Draugr peek-a-boo


Reyda, Skyrim
Poor Reyda, Ivarstead.


Dragon burning, dovakhiin absorbing its soul
After death, the dragon burns up and you absorb its soul.  This was used with episode 18 at Youtube.


Skyrim environment with flying dragon
Beautiful Skyrim environment with flying dragon.  The little blotch at the right is not a UFO but a floating leaf.


Skyrim, Nasty Astrid
Skyrim, Nasty Astrid

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