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Favorite Skyrim Screen Shots (Use Allowed with Attribution)

Skyrim, female Dragonborn using bow with fear enchantment
One of my all time favorite screen shots so far, filtered, and (obviously) used as a cover shot, or thumbnail.

Hello!  I’ve been doing a Skyrim Let’s Play (unmodded game, on XBOX 360, with all expansions) and so far have taken the time to capture screen shots for the video thumb nails.  Please click on the images to see them full size – the small format on this page doesn’t do them justice.

I take many I like that I don’t have a current use for (and I have left some of my best ones out for my own use later).  So, you can use any of these that you like in a blog article, but please attribute them to this site by including a link to this page (I’ll note those I used already in case that matters to you).   I’ll be adding more images and replacing some of the olde ones frequently.  Thank you, and enjoy!  (PS – Even though I’ve spent a great deal of time playing Skyrim in the past, I’ve learned more from viewing it slowly via video and from seeing characters in these stills!)

Skyrim Draugr
Some Draugr are after me! (Previously used as a thumbnail image)


Skyrim, bloodied dragon
A dragon, all bloodied, about to meet his demise.


Jyrik Gauldurson and the Eye of Magnus.
Jyrik Gauldurson and the Eye of Magnus. Love his helmet! (Previously used as a thumbnail image.)

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New Skyrim Playthrough, “Let’s Play Skyrim with Babe’s Got Bow”

Babe's Got Bow in Dragonsreach
Babe’s Got Bow in Dragonsreach


With Christian Eyes author does a Skyrim “let’s play” with a  cool-looking (magish) female Breton.  For any Christians or simply parents interested in getting a general impression of in-game dialogue and violence, the game introduction isn’t bad way to do it. There is a little swearing in it, which is actually more than in the rest of the game — most swearing, when characters happen to do it, is in ways reflective of the in-game culture (not standard real world curses).

A beheading takes place in the introduction, fairly representative of pretty much the worst you’ll see in-game. Certain perks (like Devastating Blow and Savage Strike) can be chosen later on to emphasize bloody violence, but, as said, that is a choice a player can make.  Unfortunately, however, you can’t turn off the slow-mo killing scenes which happen once-in-a-while (in Fallout New Vegas, which Bethesda also produced, you can.  Maybe the next Elder Scrolls game will have this feature).   There are reasons why Skyrim has a “mature” rating, but as far as mature games go, it’s quite tame.  Thanks for watching!


And, episode 2: