Let’s look at ALLL the new things in COD: Ghosts (generally speaking)

COD Ghosts new female soldier (http://icdn4.digitaltrends.com/image/cod-ghosts-mp-325x337.jpg).
COD Ghosts new female soldier (http://icdn4.digitaltrends.com/image/cod-ghosts-mp-325×337.jpg).

Note:  This article will be updated as new information becomes available.  Updated and rearranged  on 08/23/13.

Ok, onward to the new fun things in Ghosts, in concise list form for your convenience.  😉

  • Audio and Visual.  As expected, of course, these have been improved.  The sound in particular, however, has been redefined.  Ripping bullet and explosion sounds will be more realistic relative to your specific environment.
  • Maps.  Maps are now “dynamic” with interactive elements.   There will be limited instead of no environmental destructibility, where at least some buildings and objects can be rigged and triggered, and some maps will be changeable with certain kill streak rewards.  The mini map in the upper left corner is bigger and better, and the leader board is replaced with a mini score board in the upper right corner (it can be enlarged for more data when desired).
  • Field Orders.  All modes (but campaign) will now have field orders, found in a randomly generated brief case on a dead body.  These are little “quests” you can try to accomplish before you die, and if you’re successful, you get a care package.
  • Modes of Play.  There will be 20 modes in Ghosts, unless they decide to lower this number as many in the COD community think this many modes will spread the players out too thin (there are 12-16 in Black Ops 2, depending on how you count them).   The “Infected” mode from COD MW 3 is being brought back, to the cheers of many. “Cranked” mode is timed and therefore intense.  If you don’t get a kill within 30 seconds you “explode” (no gory scene shown), but as long as you stay in you get speed bonuses.  Other new modes are “Search and Rescue” and “Blitz.”
  • Emblems.  Thankfully, custom emblems will no longer be a part of COD except with clans (discussed more below).  In one way, this is unfortunate, since it was a fun aspect of the game and some emblem creators/artists came up with some great stuff!  My son enjoyed making emblems too.  BUT, too many immature fans created inappropriate emblems, and these were not moderated.
  • Your character/Custom Class.  Using your weapons will feel different.  There is jumping and sliding while shooting; overall, moving and interacting with the environments has been redefined.  Your character is now customizable, and the female soldier was added.  There are over 20,000 options for soldiers and since you can create up to 10 separate soldiers, this large number begins to make sense (although competing with other Men’s Fashion Games is a wise business move).  Apparently, then, there is no more custom class where you have to wait until you prestige to get another set of gear to use.  Instead, squad point currency is used to buy soldiers and customize them.  And since you can use them in squads, I’m assuming you can obtain them much more quickly than changing gear in the old custom class system. All this customization, coupled with the new perks system, allows for a whole new level of strategic thinking.
  • Perks.  There are many more perks and a new system of using points for these should prove fun.  Some points from customizing your character can be transferred to your perks instead.  (See Anon in the source list below for more info.)
  • Squads.  Tweaked version of Black Ops currency, where you receive squad points along with XP, allows for building and customizing squads.  There will be a squad mode with submodes to choose from, including single player where you play your squad against a total AI squad.  Or, you can choose to play any mode in the game with squads.  (See Kuchera in the source list below for more info.)
  • Kill Streaks.  20 kill streak rewards have been added, like choosing to be in Juggernaut Maniac mode (drift0r via Youtube opined that this kill streak was overpowered at the time of testing at Reveal).  Strike packages will now include support and specialist.
  • Death Streaks.  Removed.
  • Weapons.  Over 30 new weapons, with one new class: Marksman (with fast single fire rifles).  Scoping will now be different, more advanced.  Instead of the view outside of the scope being generic, it will be the world around you, only blurred.  Quick scoping has been majorly changed.  It will be much harder to do and it will feel different.  (See Victor in the source list below for more info.)
  • Game data transferability, mobile devices, new game for new console.  All game data is now transferable between all devices – and even all consoles, including PCs.  You can play using your character on your friend’s Playstation just as easily as on your own XBOX.  Being able to use your data on mobile devices should prove especially useful between clan members.  Also, if you bought Ghosts while you still had XBOX 360, say, and then later you decide to purchase an XBOX One, you’ll be able to get a new version of Ghosts from Gamestop for $10.
  • Clans, Clan Wars.  Clans aren’t new, but the system has been changed and added to.  Teaming up with other clan members is now easier, and there’ll be a new fun app, “Clan Chat.”  A new clan feature is clan wars; these last for two weeks and the winning clan gets a nice XP bonus.  Clans can have a customized emblem.  These emblems are created through the COD website or an app, and the designs are moderated.  The new streamlined way in which clans are matched up to play will hopefully prove to be faster and less frustrating.
  • Dedicated Servers.  Yes, there will be worldwide dedicated servers with XBOX One users.
  • Live Stream and Theater Mode.  Both of these features will no longer be available with the game.  Live stream, however, will be a standard feature of XBOX One itself and other new consoles, so to have it in the game would be redundant.

The next two paragraphs were previously the introduction to this blog post, but they weren’t helping people to read what the article is about.  I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway, especially the second paragraph.

Ok, so my son – who helped with this post – said I should really write a blog post on all the COD:  Ghosts changes (from COD:  Black Ops 2; release date Nov. 5th).  I expressed my surprise at his suggestion, since it seems the world would be filled with such blog posts and articles in very short order.  But, he said, many authors or YouTubers are claiming to cover all the changes, yet they don’t.  Ok . . . so I finally watch COD:  Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal, have him explain things to me while doing so (since I’ve been a spectator to the game only), take notes, look up a few things, and voilà . . . present to you a concise rendering of all things new (that have been revealed so far) with COD:  Ghosts.

Let me just mention something of an aside first, something that my son laughed at from the beginning of Reveal, and from out of the mouth of Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg.  Hirschberg said that COD had the “best fans.”  In reality, they may have the worst fans.  About a month ago there were days (who knows, maybe it’s still going on) of a COD:  Black Ops 2 developer receiving more than 100 vile (many extremely vile) threats every hour.  This huge overreaction came after the developer helped to make some changes to a few of the weapons in the game (yes, that’s all he did).  You can read about it here, Passion of the fanboy: What happens when angry kids threaten to kill you over a game, and at many other internet sites.  Ahhh, glorious fodder for those who are opposed to video game violence and lobby for changes.  As a note, one good thing about COD games is that you can mute out the other players, and so blissfully ignore the verbal abuse and filth such fans spew while playing.  If we couldn’t mute COD, this game would not be played.

Other Sources:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (by drift0r, who played the game at Reveal); Squad mode will let Call of Duty: Ghosts fans play online without fear of assholes (Kuchera); The (known) WEAPONS of Call of Duty Ghosts -Weapon List UPDATED (Victor); Perks (Anon); Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infected Mode, Theater removed . . . (TmarTn).

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