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Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (Part III)

Hello!  To sum up from my previous two posts on my orange hair misadventures, I had wanted to stop coloring my hair and let my natural grey (salt and pepper, with more salt) grow out, so I started investigating how to do this–online.  This was basically a mistake (go to your local Sally’s instead).  There is very little floating around out there regarding older folks wanting to get dark color out of their hair in order to go natural; it’s mostly about teens trying to go silver.

So, I’ve been chronicling my progress.  No doubt a cosmetologist would laugh, but I’m hoping my experience might help some folks out there in the net world.  Here are links to the earlier episodes:  Orange hair, Part I and Orange hair, Part II.  After this third post, I plan on making a concise summary article.

Hair result using Nutrisse LB3 and violet additive
Root color along with the darkest orange color hair from ends (held up with hair clip). The tone of this photo is warm, making my hair a bit oranger looking than in reality, especially the roots.

Where I left off last time, my hair–after two bleachings and doing some coloring to even things out, looked somewhat like what’s in the photo to the right.  The roots were actually lighter and less orange-tinged.

My hair was obviously quite resistant to change after being dyed dark brown for many years.  Note, too, that the ends you see are that dark of an orange even though I had cut off the bottom three inches of my hair before I started all this.   I had been of the mind not to bleach my hair again, but then realized that it was probably the only way of getting my hair to a dyable state–it needed to be lighter than this to hold a grey or silver-white color.

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Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (Part II)

Trying to go to your natural grey after coloring your hair a long time?  I was–well, am–and learned the hard way that it’s not only not easy, but that there’s a lot of misinformation online.  All the background information about that is at Orange Hair: Misadventures in Going Natural from Dark Brown (Part I)

Here, I do a hair update.  Not because I want to display my hair for all the world to see, but so that you might get an idea of what to expect when making the transition from colored grey hair (in my case, it was very dark brown) to natural grey hair.  My goal is to get my hair to a silvery color in order for my own grey hair to look somewhat natural growing out.

Color removed & bleached hair, from dark brown
My left side hair, as close as I could get it, after three applications of color remover and one bleach application. Wow, so bleached . . . 😉

Previously, I had tried to remove the dark brown dye.  That only left my hair shades of orange to auburn.  Then I bleached my hair, which left my hair bright white at the roots, with the rest of it cascading from bright orange to a lighter auburn, or dark orange, at the bottom.  Not wanting to bleach my hair anymore and not wanting to go to a salon, I needed to dye my hair a cool mid-tone in order to even things out and more slowly color lighter and lighter until my desired goal.  To the right is what my hair color was like when I left off Part I.

Orange hair dyed with medium ash blonde plus violet additive
My orange hair after coloring with medium ash blonde plus violet additive. Color is darker, much more even, and very frizzy.

Left is what my hair looked like after coloring it medium ash blonde using Color Silk and having added 2 capfuls of Wella Color Charm Cooling Violet 050.  I don’t think Color Silk is the best, but as I wasn’t intending to keep my hair that color for long, I didn’t care much.  I wanted to get the cooling violet in my hair ASAP!

While the dye and the violet additive did very happily even out my hair color to a degree (the photo looks better, to me, than my hair really looked), after I shampooed it the next day it looked like some of the dye washed out!  It was quite orange again, but less severe than before I dyed it.   In Part I I said that I was going to buy Dessange Paris California Blonde Brass Color Correcting Crème and use it to show its effect, but it was sold out at Target (Target is the only general store where I know it’s available).  So, I bought L’Oreal’s EverPure Blonde Brass Banisher shampoo, along with their EverSleek conditioner to help with the frizz.  This is what I shampooed my hair with that, oddly, made it look brighter orange again . . . and, the frizz got worse, too . . . !  Very strange.

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