Madonna, Don’t Bully the Boy Scouts

I’m very tired of people in the media, or anyone else for that matter, telling people that they can’t have a private organization based on certain beliefs.  As Madonna did recently.  Madonna dresses as Boy Scout, rips organization’s gay ban  The Boy Scouts is a private organization – let them be.  If ANYONE else wants to start a new organization similar to the Boy Scouts but with different values – guess what, they can!  This is nothing more than trying to take control of a large, influential, and traditional organization.  It’s appalling. Our country is a free one.  That organization can have it’s own values, based on the Bible, and anyone else is free to start their own organization based on secularism or humanism or whatever.  It’s amazing they don’t see their own hypocrisy.

Is Madonna for worker’s rights?  Hey Madonna, why don’t you join underpaid and underworked Walmart workers?  What’s on YOUR mind?  Only the rich would be concerned so much about sex, when so many people can’t even make enough money to pay rent or buy food . . . so many cannot afford to have families.  But the rich can, like Madonnna, and then go around trying to control others’ convictions about what God says.   People, we need to loudly defend our freedoms in these kinds of matters here or we will go the way of European countries, where in places it is against the law to publicly convey the word of God or homeschool your children.

4 thoughts on “Madonna, Don’t Bully the Boy Scouts”

  1. I don’t pay any attention to what attention-seeking celebrities have to say about moral or political issues, since their job is to get on the news. Madonna can wear whatever costume she wants I suppose. Unfortunately, the scouts have long wanted it both ways – to call themselves a private organization (so they get to include or exclude whoever they want), but to still get to meet in public buildings and receive funds from United Way etc. They don’t run entirely on private funds, so they aren’t an entirely private organization. They are going through a process of consciousness raising, which I think is healthy. Surely most of their members are too young to have had sex. Why should their sexual orientation even matter? Are they awarding a heterosexuality merit badge now?

    I suspect you haven’t been to Europe much. There are no laws against discussing God or the Bible in public school, and there are plenty of private schools, especially Catholic. There’s just not as much “religiosity” there as here. The Bible is studied as wisdom literature, as it should be. Not everyone is Christian or even religious, and one ought to respect those cultural differences in public schools. And there are plenty of home schoolers in the rural areas.


    1. I haven’t been to Europe much, no, but I do read. Pastors have been fined or jailed, private citizens have been fined and jailed (for having verses hanging in their establishments), many can’t homeschool, and even in Canada (at least parts of it) Christians are not allowed legally, to teach Christian beliefs. So sorry, I think you are the one uninformed.

      As far as the Boy Scouts being partly public because they are allowed to use public facilities, that’s absurd. Private groups can rent any facilities they want, public or no, with the owners approval. ALLOWING a private group to use a public facility is not an endorsement of the the beliefs of that group.

      As far as funding, don’t know. If the Boy Scouts are compromising themselves that way, that is something they have to deal with. My view is that, if a group outside of the Boy Scouts is contributing money to that private organization, that is the CONTRIBUTOR’S issue. I would not contribute to an organization I don’t believe in – would you? How is the Boy Scout’s fault for accepting funds from a donator who wants to donate? I don’t see how that makes them public.

      In any case, my original comments stand. You have your beliefs – that God didn’t communicate in the Bible- and we have ours, that He did. Respect other humans enough to leave us be, if you’re not into researching high level sources as to why our beliefs might be legitimate.


      1. I never said I didn’t personally believe that God communicated to people through those who wrote down the Bible, but nice assumption on your part. I just know not everyone believes as I do, and you can’t win anyone to Christ if you don’t approach outsiders with full respect. And last time I checked, Canada is not in Europe. You can of course hold any opinion you wish, and your comments will always “stand” because it’s your web site.


        1. I based my assumption on part of what you said, and I think it reasonable. I also think it more than reasonable to bring up Canada’s example. I never said it was a part of Europe. Your own comments show where your attitude and thinking are. As Christians, we aren’t called to be doormats, simply taking insults, when it comes to correcting other people’s views. Many respect those who can clarify and not just run away in a corner. I believe Madonna’s stance is a bullying and hypocritical one, though she has the right to free speech. So do I. I think my stance is rational and logical and that is why it stands.


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