Who are terrorists? Hint: Not American “conservatives”

Great article, and one that shouldn’t have to be written and published.  But get this:

CNN and MSNBC immediately speculated about “right-wing nutcases” and tea partyers. As of 2013, the number of terrorist attacks involving members of the tea party is precisely zero. The last major terrorist attack that had even the slightest link to anything on the political right was Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in 1995. Described as a devout Christian and Republican, he was neither.

Many people in the media or who have voices that the media likes to chime, are those who promote lies and hypocrisy against those they simply disagree with.  When you’re young, well, at least when I was young, I assumed people told the truth and did things that were in the best interest of others and the community.  People that weren’t criminals just didn’t do the things that are basically a common part of our media and leadership today.   In any case, the article that is linked below is great, and apparently a good portion of our population needs to read it, stop ignoring reality, and stop pointing fingers and spreading hate against regular people (who are often more informed than they are).

Link:  Boston Marathon terrorism: The toxic brew of Islam and politics

A murderous, cancerous ideology known as radical Islam has metastasized globally. It needs to be stopped, and admitting the problem exists is the first step to recovery for deniaholics.

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