Bungie’s New Low: Your Own Team Required for Etheric Light in H.o.W

Someone asked with the Help tag at Bungie’s Destiny site where one can get etheric light.  Since the Trials of Osiris started today, we found that there is NO way of getting etheric light – a requirement for upgrading new game gear – if you don’t have your own play team.  In other words, you can’t get it as a single player and there is no in-game matchmaking for the activities where etheric light can be found.  Regulation of the gaming industry is needed at this point.  Consumers should not be deceived into buying a product that they have little or no chance of getting a refund for.

We preordered the game and the season pass, based on what we knew of the game pre-release.  Well, the game has changed a lot since then.  The amount of play time a single player can get out of the game is less and less, and the latest dlc makes single player useless.  With the House of Wolves you CAN get new gear that is as high or higher than the previous gear, but if you don’t have your own teams to play the meat of the dlc, what’s the point?  To just play the old stuff that happens to have matchmaking over and over again?

Below is what I wrote at Bungie’s forums.  I need to gather information regarding game developer’s deceptive shenanigans, which of our representatives are major investors (yes, some are) or have other interests in gaming companies, what laws (if any) exist that regulate the gaming industry, etc.  I’m tired, now, of gamers (including myself) complaining all the time but not doing anything about these game companies.  If you know of examples of game makers’ deceptions (like Sony putting out trailers that they claim is one of their games, when they aren’t), or of applicable laws or legal actions, please let me know!

Since the Trials of Osiris started today, we found the only way to get it is if you do your own matchmaking, make your own teams. We thought with the Trials we’d at least have an option for getting this necessary material without having to have other friends have the game, schedule all our time, etc. This dlc, in fact, the whole game of Destiny at this point, was/is a waste of money and time. If a material in a game is required, then there should be at least one option for players to get it fully in-game! Lol. Since the only way to get it is by your own arrangement of players, which normally takes place OUT of game (and it seems that a microphone is required, another $60 investment), it makes the game absurd. We will be writing to Bungie, Activision, and Microsoft about this with the hopes of at least getting some of our money back (we preordered the game and pass); but if we don’t get any money back, at least we will have said what we wanted to say. After that, I’m going to see about regulating the gaming industry (the co.s and corp.s need their hands held by congress, apparently) since with other products you can get your money back. Bungie has continually changed the game, making it playable for those without avid Destiny friends, to one where that’s a requirement.

Even this site got weird. I had an account here that I can’t access any longer since I had to sign in with XBOX live, which is my son’s account. He’d very much approve of this message, though. He can’t believe he can’t do anything to get etheric light without an out-of-game made team. He was actually excited for the Trials, so wow, yeah, a new level of hate for a gamemaker: Bungie.

On top of that, I signed in with the “knowledge” Bungie gave me, saying I could change the app linkage to XBOX in settings. Well, I can’t. So what does that make Bungie . . . again? Bungie is the most unethical game company I’m aware of. The only way to get on this game space is through that app that you can’t unlink to your XBOX acct? Wow. No more of our business will be with Bungie.

Note (June 5, 2015):  If you do the player-vs-player Iron Banner, a one week only event, and reach level 3, you can buy an etheric light.

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Destiny = Monotony

3 thoughts on “Bungie’s New Low: Your Own Team Required for Etheric Light in H.o.W”

  1. You sound like a spoiled brat with no friends. The entire game is multi-player, and you expect you to be able to play everything without friends? You can’t even access your characters without accessing the internet. Your argument is weak. Your argument is only the argument of people who don’t send friend requests. You don’t have to organize a team with people outside of the game. You know what you do? Send some friend requests to people you meet in tower and etc. that are your level and invite them to your trials of Osiris team. You’re such a twat that reading your sad “argument” made me cringe. I can’t even tell if you’re joking or not. You didn’t have a problem with Vault of Glass or Crota’s End? Why did it take you the majority of a year to say anything? Obviously there is some way to disconnect your account, otherwise there would be many more complaints. Want me to get a 5 year old to find it for you? Take your grievances somewhere else. Bungie doesn’t need your shit complaints that don’t even have any grounds besides your feelings are hurt and your panties are in a twist. Not that I’m comparing Destiny to an MMO, but have you ever played one? You seriously think you can just walk into a raid on LOTRO with complete strangers? You need teamwork. If you don’t have it then you should have never purchased the game. It’s your fault for not knowing what you’re getting into. You know what everyone else thinks when a game is advertised as strictly multi-player/online? They think “Oh, damn, I’ll need to get some people to have as a team for the hard stuff. I’ll need to be sure to communicate.” You gonna go onto MMOs and complain that you don’t like having friends? You know that’s your argument, right? “I have no friends and don’t have the time to make any, yet I insisted on buying a game that isn’t advertised as single player even though I don’t really have the time for multi-player. I didn’t do my research before blowing 100$ on a game with dlc. I’m a complete idiot who is trying to blame my own problems on the company providing product, just like the people with horrible Internet blaming servers.” I’m sure there is something in a software agreement that states how stupid you are, why don’t you read one?


    1. Sorry, I’m not taking your blah blah blah hate on people comments. I played the BETA. My son played the BETA. Are you telling me, seriously, that what was in the BETA is ANYTHING like what the game is NOW? It wasn’t. The game is much different now, and NO ONE knew what was coming; no one could guess the amount of change that has taken place in Destiny. And no, a lot of MMOs do have in-game matchmaking (there could be at least an in-game board for it). It would just be SO awful to add that as a choice, huh? Lol. Horrible! So you can go stroke your “I’m so smart and wonderful” name-calling ego elsewhere from now on. Lol.

      PS: To anyone who has played Destiny, they know – apparently unlike Nick – that there has always been a way of obtaining items that upgrade gear that didn’t require a player’s own matchmaking. I guess Nick wants players to be kept low purposefully. It was like that before, but now it’s truly built in the game that a less social player cannot work hard to get the latest gear upgrade material. Many players are upset by this, and it’s only the bully type elitist players who think everyone else can just quit, it’s OK to call them names, etc. Many players already have quit. Good luck playing when the player base is much smaller.

      Destiny was touted as a new kind of multiplayer. Yep. The vast majority of people who purchased this game, thinking they could play it with matchmaking (at first, no one even knew what all that entailed, anyway), came to finance the game instead for a certain type of player (one who can spend hours at a stretch banging away intensely at enemies) who has other friends who have the game and who are on the same console, who can schedule hours of game-play at the same time, etc. We’re only stupid if we keep financing this (and fine print agreements won’t mean much in the legal system in the end if consumers have a case).


    2. @ Nick. Wow… you must be some sort of filthy casual or something… for the love of God, can’t even respond to something without insults, what pathetic way to try to make a point. For starters, anyone who is a gamer with HALF A BRAIN will know that many MMOs of the past had ways of teaming people up. You could make your own teams, sure, but many online games allowed you to be matched with others as well. In fact, many games now a days do that, and to expect it from a gaming company isn’t asking much. You must be short sighted to not realize just how much Bungie has swindled you here on this game. Tell me you are just joking, please. Also, smart guy, the game had a prerelease where you could play before it was done, beta testing basically, and there were no signs of these things in the early access to it. If Bungie was smart, and didn’t want complaints, they would have made that obvious. It’s poor planing, design, and development on their part, but a little fan boy like yourself isn’t smart enough to see that, are you? I am so sick of small minded, low IQ, people who play games, and defend them to the end, as if the game and the company are flawless. There are not even words to describe how wrong you are, or how bad you look right now. Must feel pretty high and mighty throwing out insults over the internet. Big man here. Yeah, I AM insulting you back. Do you know why? Because at this point, there is no chance of a civil discussion. You got your little fan boy panties in a twist and have lost the capacity to make a coherent argument other than “NUH UH! GAME IS GOOD! GAME IS GREAT!”

      It’s little twats like you that make the gaming world, and the internet, a crappy place.


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