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The 9/11 Attacks and Protests in Libya and Cairo

Very briefly, since I’m leaving for work soon, the current US administration’s immediate response to the violent protests in Libya and Cairo was not only extremely lame, but anti-US law.  In an article I read last night, which I can’t yet locate this morning, administration officials said that such a film that sparked the violent events should not have been made and that American freedom does not extend to criticizing other religions too much.

Whaaa . . . . ?!?!?!  They didn’t use the words “too much,” but it was the diplomatic way of saying the same thing.  If this is so, then why, of why, have I had to experience militant atheists condemning Christianity and Christians – often in very vile and childish ways – for a number of years now.  Not long enough for the fascist government to locate them?

In a newer article this morning I see that the administration is doing some back-up and corrections.  Former President Clinton is saying that there is no excuse for the violent acts that happened yesterday.  Finally!!!  Our government needs to defend us, not militant Muslims.  We have freedom here.  We have freedom to investigate something and say what we think about it.  We even have the freedom here to make fun of that thing.  American government – please start defending us and stop making yourself out to be mega wimps to these people!

This wasn’t just about the film!  Has no one noted that these events took place on 9/11, yet the film has been out a while (the film being the Innocence of Muslims)?  People, please wake up.  These were not spontaneous acts, but planned acts.  And I bet the governments, or at least factions in the governments, knew about them.

Anyway, I simply couldn’t believe what I read last night.  If I find those quotes from US officials later today or tomorrow, I will publish them.  If America implemented what they said, we’d all be in trouble, and they also show the bizarrely weak and misguided spine of our government.  Thanks for reading.