We Made It! Cross-Country Trip, Fallout New Vegas, . . . (Post 1)

Utah road trip
Road trip photo, Utah, from a freeway turn-out. Oct 2015.  Taken with a phone camera and slightly edited.

Hello from A MUCH BETTER PLACE than where I, and my family, had lived!  I wrote earlier about our experience in trying to buy a home from thousands of miles away, but now we’ve arrived (in Michigan from Southern California, if you must know)!  I’m not here today to discuss our property or the process in obtaining it, but to relay some photos and comments about our trip as well as a bit about the area we now live in.  This is the first post in a series, and I promise, I’ll try not to be long-winded.  I simply hope you enjoy the photos and any funny or interesting things that I can share.

The route we took out of California would take us through Primm, so we were excited to be able to compare the contemporary town to the dilapidated version of it in Fallout New Vegas (a post-apocalyptic video game).   Once there, we found it to be a touristy place — pricey and not much there (we were in a hurry and didn’t feel like strolling in that odd layout-of-a-place).  In any case, below are photos from real Primm and Fallout Primm.

Fallout New Vegas Bison Steve, Primm
Fallout New Vegas Bison Steve, Primm.


Buffalo Bill's casino sign, Primm
Buffalo Bill’s casino sign, Primm, Nevada


Primm Roller Coaster Fallout New Vegas
Primm Roller Coaster Fallout New Vegas. This is taken from the PC version of the game, using a “flying” mod. It was so dark that I applied filters to it. There are no views of the in-game coaster that match the real one.


Primm roller coaster
Roller coaster in Primm, Nevada, in the here and now.


Along the way we saw a prison that was also in the game and got a photo of the Nipton highway sign, but we didn’t travel there, or to Goodsprings.  That would’ve been fun (!), but if you want to compare New Vegas to the real deal, there are postings elsewhere on the internet.

Puppybutt billboard
“Puppybutt.” One mystery along the road . . .

My son was taking most of the photos from our car; we didn’t have the luxury of walking about while on a 2-week vacation, unfortunately.  So here are a few more from our first day driving along Interstate 15.


The Strastosphere, Las Vegas<–  The Strastosphere, Las Vegas–the model for the Lucky 38 in Fallout New Vegas.

Below, a mountain range looks like the sleeping face of a giant.  Because most of the photos were taken from the car, they aren’t the greatest and I won’t bore you with them.  Besides, the next day was better, anyhow, as far as scenery goes.

Mountain range that looks like sleeping giant

The photo that heads this post is from the next day; we of course got out of our seats for that!  But this was wonderful to see on our first day out,  too:

Interstate 15 beauty
Somewhere along Interstate 15, before entering Utah.









For more pics of Utah, please see my next cross-country post.  Thank you!


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