We Made It! Cross-Country Trip, Richfield Cemetery, . . . (Post 2)

Richfield City Cemetery, Utah (c) Vicki Priest
A modded view of Richfield City Cemetery, Utah, October 2015 (c) Vicki Priest

First,  a big Thank You to those bloggers who liked my first cross-country road trip post!  Second, for those who don’t know, I’ll repeat the series intro here:

Hello from A MUCH BETTER PLACE than where I, and my family, had lived!  I wrote earlier about our experience in trying to buy a home from thousands of miles away, but now we’ve arrived (in Michigan from Southern California, if you must know)!  I’m not here today to discuss our property or the process in obtaining it, but to relay some photos and comments about our trip as well as a bit about the area we now live in.  This is the first post in a series, and I promise, I’ll try not to be long-winded.  I simply hope you enjoy the photos and any funny or interesting things that I can share.

Our first day out, we left California (hey, by the way, don’t stay in the Travel Lodge on Katella in Anaheim . . . that place has too little parking and is in its death throes), drove up through Primm and Las Vegas, and ended up in St. George, Utah.   We then traveled through Utah, heading to our destination for the day, Grand Junction, Colorado.  Here are a few photos from that 2nd day trek!  The photos from the car didn’t come out that great, but even when photos are “good,” there’s no way the person viewing it can get anywhere near the experience of seeing it in person.  Still, this one from a Utah turn-out (Salt Wash) might give an impression:

Utah Scenic Turnoff One

Looking for a place to stretch our legs, we ran across the cemetery in Richfield, Utah.  Cemeteries are usually a great place to take a walk, being quiet and pretty; I say “usually” since so many cemeteries these days only allow flat, lawn-level head stones (yawwwwn).  The Richfield City Cemetery was really a pleasant place, though, with many wonderful headstones.  Here are a few, for those of you who enjoy the craft respectfully remembering our loved ones.

Julia Anderson stump headstone, Richfield, Utah—-

Ellen Peterson headstone, Richfield, Utah—-

Beautiful headstone with no name, Richfield, Utah—-

Rejoining the living and moving onward, my son and I got back on the 70 heading east (by the way, praise God that my husband, who had left a few days earlier with a large trailer in tow, made it to our new home without a scratch).  As I mentioned in my first post, my son was taking photos from the car as we drove, so they tended to not come out the best.  Others, like the cemetery ones, were taken on foot, either with our Lumix (Panasonic DMC-FZ18) or a Nokia Lumia phone camera.  In any case, we didn’t take notes so I don’t have all the details on all the places we photographed, unfortunately.  BUT, if you, the reader, can add any information, please do!

Black rock crumbling, Utah
Black rock crumbling, Utah (along I-70).


Ghost Rock Viewing Area, Utah
Ghost Rock Viewing Area, Utah


Near Ghost Rock, Utah
Near Ghost Rock, Utah


No Name, Utah—-

Along the I-70 Utah
Banded rock formation along the I-70 Utah.


I’ll end with my son’s eye for humor.  His little rock creation along the Colorado River.  Thanks for viewing, and see you next time!

Zak's smiling rock

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