Fallout 4! Gamestop Bundle Unboxing, A “Let’s Play,” Screen Shots

Fallout 4 Intro, Nuclear cloud
From Fallout 4 Intro, Nuclear cloud

Hello gamers!  So have you taken some time out from playing Fallout 4, which just came out today, or are you visiting here because you’re curious about it?  Well, my family looked very much forward to playing it, and now it’s here!   We ordered a Fallout 4 bundle from Gamestop because we knew we could use a new XBOX and controller, and Gamestop’s bundle came with an exclusive Fallout faceplate.  (We made an unboxing video of it, posted at our Youtube channel, Lingering Trees.)

I must say, we were quite disappointed with the “faceplate,” which is only a skin (a sticker)!  I tried to find out what the “faceplate” was beforehand, and people thought it was a plastic snap-on faceplate, which “faceplate” indeed implies.  Stickers are “skins.”  So should we complain to Gamestop?  My son thinks we should complain big time, and I agree (the non-lazy part of me, at any rate), especially since we could’ve ordered a different bundle that came with an additional game and controller instead of this Fallout 4 bundle.

OK, besides that, we started having fun playing the game.  Our first Fallout 4 Let’s Play will be up shortly, and below are some cool screen shots from early parts of the game.  The game introduction is first rate, and much of the game’s graphics are just fine–despite what some detractors claim.

Besides the quality-of-graphics issue, some other detractors have also puffed about this new Fallout being a cut-and-paste affair.  Previews of the game certainly made it seem like this was not the case, and after having watched my son play it for hours now (and considering my own more limited time playing it), I can say that Fallout 4 is not a cut-and-paste from previous games in the series.  In fact, I’m having a bit of a hard time enjoying the new interaction menus.

Building and maintaining a community is certainly a completely new element, and I’m curious to see the fan base’s overall reaction to this new social aspect of the game (the “lone wanderer” is more typically what Fallout games seem to have exemplified).  One quick note on naming your character.  Your in-game Mr Handy can call you by name if you pick one that is in the game’s database.  Sadly, Bethesda included some juvenile humor names while excluding common real names.  Not sure why they did this, especially in light of the upcoming inclusion of mods from fan modders.  Otherwise, it may be good to know that you can have a two- or three-word name, and if one or more of those words is in the data base, Codsworth will use it for your name.

Fallout 4 Mr Handy maintining shrubs
Fallout 4 Mr Handy maintaining shrubs


Fallout 4, first Pipboy model
Fallout 4, first Pipboy model


Fallout 4, warheads transported past church
Fallout 4, warheads transported past church. In the introduction film this is from, the vehicle rolls by and the whole church can be seen . . . sans its cross.


Fallout 4, character formation
My “Let’s Play” character in Fallout 4. The level of character customization is astounding, and the detail is first rate.


Fallout 4 pre-war home, kitchen
Fallout 4 pre-war home, kitchen and dining area.


Fallout 4 pre-war home, living room
Fallout 4 pre-war home, living room


Fallout 4, ascending into vault during nuclear strike
Fallout 4, ascending into vault during nuclear strike.


Fallout 4 Red Menace
Fallout 4 has a PC game in the Vault 111, the Red Menace.


Fallout 4, "Extermination is Everyone's Job"
Fallout 4, “Extermination is Everyone’s Job”


Thanks for stopping by!  See you in the wasteland . . . er, the Commonwealth.

Update:  I now have a detailed (two-part) review here, at Fallout 4. Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better (Overview) and Fallout 4. Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better (Story) Thanks for checking them out!

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