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Bisexual Raised by Lesbians: Thoughtfully Against Gay Adoptions

For a detailed and thoughtful view on being raised by gay parents, please see Robert Oscar Lopez’s Same Sex Parenting: What do Children Say?  Here are some excerpts to give you an idea of his views and experience.

During the oral arguments about Proposition 8, Justice Anthony Kennedy referred to children being raised by same-sex couples. Since I was one of those children—from ages 2-19, I was raised by a lesbian mother with the help of her partner—I was curious to see what he would say.

I also eagerly anticipated what he would say because I had taken great professional and social risk to file an amicus brief with Doug Mainwaring (who is gay and opposes gay marriage), in which we explained that children deeply feel the loss of a father or mother, no matter how much we love our gay parents or how much they love us. Children feel the loss keenly because they are powerless to stop the decision to deprive them of a father or mother, and the absence of a male or female parent will likely be irreversible for them.

Over the last year I’ve been in frequent contact with adults who were raised by parents in same-sex partnerships. They are terrified of speaking publicly about their feelings, so several have asked me (since I am already out of the closet, so to speak) to give voice to their concerns.

I cannot speak for all children of same-sex couples, but I speak for quite a few of them, especially those who have been brushed aside in the so-called “social science research” on same-sex parenting. . . .  I have heard of the supposed “consensus” on the soundness of same-sex parenting from pediatricians and psychologists, but that consensus is frankly bogus. . . .

I support same-sex civil unions and foster care, but I have always resisted the idea that government should encourage same-sex couples to imagine that their partnerships are indistinguishable from actual marriages.  Such a self-definition for gays would be based on a lie, and anything based on a lie will backfire.

The richest and most successful same-sex couple still cannot provide a child something that the poorest and most struggling spouses can provide: a mom and a dad.  Having spent forty years immersed in the gay community, I have seen how that reality triggers anger and vicious recrimination from same-sex couples, who are often tempted to bad-mouth so-called “dysfunctional” or “trashy” straight couples in order to say, “We deserve to have kids more than they do!”

But I am here to say no, having a mom and a dad is a precious value in its own right and not something that can be overridden, even if a gay couple has lots of money, can send a kid to the best schools, and raises the kid to be an Eagle Scout.

It’s disturbingly classist and elitist for gay men to think they can love their children unreservedly after treating their surrogate mother like an incubator, or for lesbians to think they can love their children unconditionally after treating their sperm-donor father like a tube of toothpaste.

It’s also racist and condescending for same-sex couples to think they can strong-arm adoption centers into giving them orphans by wielding financial or political clout. An orphan in Asia or in an American inner city has been entrusted to adoption authorities to make the best decision for the child’s life, not to meet a market demand for same-sex couples wanting children. Whatever trauma caused them to be orphans shouldn’t be compounded with the stress of being adopted into a same-sex partnership. . . .

The children thrown into the middle . . . are well aware of their parents’ role in creating a stressful and emotionally complicated life for kids, which alienates them from cultural traditions like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and places them in the unenviable position of being called “homophobes” if they simply suffer the natural stress that their parents foisted on them—and admit to it. . . .

That’s why I am for civil unions but not for redefining marriage. But I suppose I don’t count—I am no doctor, judge, or television commentator, just a kid who had to clean up the mess left behind by the sexual revolution.



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Goodbye Kiddy! The way of Taliban love

Instead of giving their kids comforting dolls, the Taliban give them bombs and tell them they won't get blown up along with their victims.
Instead of giving their kids comforting dolls, the Taliban give them bombs and tell them they won’t get blown up along with their victims.

Update:  In early January, 2015, the anti-Western, anti-secular Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram used a 10 year old girl to kill shoppers at a market in Nigeria.  The girl was blown up, 16 killed, and 27 injured.  The group has killed thousands since 2002, and kidnapped more than 200 girls in April, 2014; the girls were never rescued or freed.  June 2015 Update:  The practice continues: Boko Haram uses Young Girls as Suicide Bombers in Terror Campaign.

As reported in January (2014), a young girl who was supposed to detonate a suicide vest to kill checkpoint police turned herself in after being beaten by her father for not carrying out the deed.  Though the Taliban denied that young Spozhmai was sent on a suicide mission, the Afghan police believed her.  Spozhmai was lucky – though beaten, she didn’t get blown to bits.

According to one source, in the first part of 2011, four children aged 8 to 14 were not so fortunate and died along with several victims when their suicide vests detonated.  Other children that year had also been deployed as suicide bombers, but were stopped prior to anyone getting hurt.  The Taliban, despite its denials, has been training and deploying children suicide bombers since at least 2010.

The Taliban’s use of children as suicide bombers is not only sickening, but it makes a mockery of Mullah Omar’s claim to protect children and civilians. Any political movement or army that manipulates or coerces children into becoming human bombs has lost touch with basic humanity.  Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch

Another source, from 2012, gave a more detailed and disturbing account of children suicide bombers used by the Taliban in Afghanistan in the whole of 2011 (this also happens in Pakistan and can be read about here):

A senior Afghan intelligence official estimated that more than 100 had been intercepted in the past 12 months, including 20 from the Kandahar area in the south. 

The largely illiterate boys are fed a diet of anti-Western and anti-Afghan government propaganda until they are prepared to kill, he said. But the boys are also assured that they will miraculously survive the devastation they cause.

“The worst part is that these children don’t think that they are killing themselves,” said the official. “They are often given an amulet containing Koranic verses. Mullahs tell them, ‘When this explodes you will survive and God will help you survive the fire. Only the infidels will be killed, you will be saved and your parents will go to paradise’.”

Moving back to the very recent past, just a day or two after Spozhmai told her story to Afghan police, a 14 year old boy stopped a child suicide bomber in his school.  The teen, Aitzaz Hasan, tackled a suspicious teen at his school and the other teen’s bomb went off, killing Hasan and himself.  Violence has only increased in Afghanistan and the regular populace is sick of it, and sick of their government not doing anything about it.  Attacks on schools have increased and school attendance has, not surprisingly, decreased.

No doubt your thoughts are to pray for peace in Afghanistan, and for no more children, in particular, to be prey to the satanic tactics of the Taliban.  We should pray about this and for the oppressed people there (and bless you for doing so), but it doesn’t hurt to know how our government (and the Western press) is handling issues like this, and the related issue – in my mind – of ignoring all the Christians being killed and displaced out of the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

It doesn’t hurt to also know what lying hypocrites groups like the Taliban are.  The Taliban continue to deny they use children bombers, even though there is a great deal of irrefutable evidence against their denials.  The Taliban has codes they claim to go by, and using children in this way defies their own code.   It goes against the Quran as well.  Yet, they are still very willing to have Muslim children killed for their cause.

The Palestinians have also done this in the past, and today train children to be suicide bombers.  Yet, somehow, Israel is to blame for all the ills of the Palestinians and many Western countries are not only boycotting Israel but are increasingly antisemitic.  And, our government seals its lips when it could educate, not only about the tactics of Islamists, but the post-WWII history and legitimacy of Israel as a nation and why the UN did not also grant statehood to Palestine at that time or in the years afterwards.

Our country wrings it hands and vacillates regarding Syria.  It ignores the persecution and killing of Christians in Egypt.  The issues are very many and a future post will outline the extermination and the apparent coming extinction of Christians from Muslim countries.  Jews are already missing from the Middle East, except in Israel, and they are increasingly unwelcome elsewhere.  It is now happening to Christians, too.  And The West stands by, warming up to the idea.  It’s now pretty easy to imagine the biblical scenario of God’s two witnesses during the end days (Revelation 11:8-10):

Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city . . .  For three and a half days some from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial. The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth.


Teenagers recruited, trained as suicide bombers (2011)

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Taliban denies ordering 10-year-old girl to carry out suicide bombing on Helmand checkpoint (2014)

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Boko Haram Strapped Explosives to 10-year-old girl, Killed 16 (2015)

Taliban and Government Imperil Gains for Afghan Women, Advocates Say (2014; this article is more serious and disgusting than it sounds from the title)

Israel and Palestine: A Brief History – Part I (ongoing, with various links for all of history, biographies, etc.)

World Jews outraged by Christian murders, our own government isn’t

This is the crime against humanity of our time. It is the religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing. It is deliberate, it is brutal, and it is systematic. And I, as a Jew, want to say that I stand solidly with Christians throughout the world in protest against this crime. And I am appalled that the world is silent.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (2013 Erasmus Lecture)

. . . the Jews seem to be the ones most outraged by it. . . . It’s shades of the past that a world that is indifferent to such brutal actions becomes indifferent to anybody’s suffering.

The White House—the whole Western community—ought to be taking action, as we would against any country that engages in this kind of action. Look, overall the West is muted in their response to the killings of Christians by the thousands, from Indonesia to Nigeria to Tehran to Damascus. Where is the outcry? Christians and Copts [are being killed] in Egypt, other countries—and hardly any response to it. . . .  Where are the [United Nations] Security Council resolutions? Why aren’t the condemnations coming from them?

Malcolm Hoenlein, head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

The above quotes are from the First Things article, “Jews and the Persecution of Christians” by Tom Wilson; the Hoenlein quotes were taken by Wilson from an interview of Hoenlein in The Time of Israel.

. . . the Middle East [was] once home to countless thriving Jewish communities, only for them to have been decimated in the mid-twentieth century. With the rise of hardline Islam and growing turmoil in many of these countries, Christians risk sharing a similar fate. . . .  A century ago, Christians constituted 20 percent of the population of the Middle East; today, that number stands at just 4 percent.

Jews care.  A lot of Jews get it.  What is with us?  Why does our own country, and the West, not care?  The western media is biased in its reporting when Christians are killed in countries like Sudan.  They seem to be ashamed that Christians even exist and that violent-minded Muslims are justified in doing evil.  But where is the Christian response, the Christian outrage?  If it doesn’t exist, then it can be surmised that Christians don’t really exist.  At least, our own government’s weak response against the atrocities can certainly be viewed as nothing but hot air.  But why should our government do anything about it or care, when we people of faith don’t even seem to??

Churches are our gathering places.  Why aren’t churches organizing anything to raise awareness about what is going on in the world?  If they don’t know . . . what excuse can be given?  Maybe some pastors are writing newspaper editorials and encouraging action by their flock–I don’t know.  Feel free to let me know of examples of such action in the comments below, or provide links there to Christians groups and organizations that are trying to do something about this (I don’t mean groups that report on it only).  Thanks.

Jihadists Kill at Least 68 Non-Muslims at Mall in Kenya

This isn’t a perfect article on the attack that happened yesterday, but it’s still very good.  The latest reports indicate that at least 100 more have been injured.

Attack on Nairobi Mall Shows Al-Shabaab’s Ominous Reach

Here is the start of the article, and more, but please click the link to read the rest.  This might be an eye-opener for many.

In a horrific mid-day attack on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, jihadist assailants invaded an upscale shopping mall, slaughtering and injuring dozens of terrified shoppers with grenades and automatic weapons.

As of early Sunday morning, even as the stand-off between the attackers and Kenyan security forces continued inside the mall, the death count stood at 59, a number sure to rise in coming hours.

According to reports, at least an additional 150 have been injured. People fleeing from the modern Westgate mall reported that the attackers had singled out non-Muslims to kill after telling Muslims to get out. . . .

Local mosques in U.S. areas with a heavy Somali immigrant population, such as Minnesota, play leading roles in recruiting young men, often born and raised in the U.S., to sign up for jihad in Somalia. . . .

[One of these is ] Al-Hammami, a 28-year-old from Alabama . . . The son of a Christian mother and a Syrian-born Muslim father, al-Hammami likely was recruited to jihad at the University of South Alabama, where he was president of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the original and still one of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S.

“I Am Not Trayvon. I Am An American.” by Raul Mas Canosa

Below are a great many excerpts from “I Am Not Trayvon.  I Am An American.” by Raul Mas Canosa (Fox News Latino July 23, 2013).   Please click on the link to read the whole article and to find out about the author.

I was deeply offended by Jesús Iñiguez’s opinion piece “Hispanic or Not, We Are All Trayvon Martin.” I was also shocked that Fox News Latino would publish such an incendiary piece of race baiting and hateful speech more worthy of Granma than a supposedly serious news organization. . . . .

Let’s talk about why Hispanics should not sympathize with Trayvon Martin or the rabble rousing charlatans that foolishly liken him to the great civil rights martyrs of the 20th century.

Let’s also talk about why Hispanics should not cast their lot with race baiting profiteers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley or the Congressional Black Caucus. We also shouldn’t side with President Obama and the rest of an administration hell-bent on using every organ of the state, and every bit of raw political power, to divide and undermine the wonderful melting pot that is America.

If we should be supporting anybody it should be George Zimmerman. We should defend him and the legal system that found him NOT GUILTY. We should support him because the FBI could find no evidence that George Zimmerman ever engaged in any racist behavior. We should defend Zimmerman not because he is Hispanic but because it is the right thing to do: pure and simple.

America is a country based on the concept of equal protection under the law. The system is far from perfect and abuses have no doubt taken place in the past. It is however, the best system in the world. Millions flock here seeking the great opportunities and the level playing field offered by a robust and proven legal and economic system.

Unfortunately, we have our problems. One of them is a big crime problem. A lot of our crime is violent in nature. Statistics show that the majority of violent crime is committed by young black males. In places like New York City, almost 75 percent of violent crime comes at the hands of young black thugs. Most of the violent crime is blacks killing other blacks in gang and drug related vendettas. It is an ugly but undeniable reality.

In his hometown of Miami Gardens, Trayvon Martin was apparently a thug wannabe. He had been suspended from high school after a history of defacing school property, possessing stolen jewelry and burglary tools (a potential third degree felony in Florida) and most recently for smoking dope. The Miami Herald and other legitimate news sources have confirmed these facts. . . .

That is why Trayvon was in Orlando walking through the rain, at night, alone, in a neighborhood that had, unfortunately, been frequently vandalized by individuals he resembled, both physically and by disposition. He had been kicked out of school for criminal activity…not for bad grades or for talking smack to his teachers.

Let me pause and make something very clear. Trayvon didn’t deserve to die. No child should have his life cut short. No parent should bury their child prematurely. It is a tragedy of the highest order when children, even teenagers, die needlessly. The vast majority of Americans share this sentiment. But the truth requires that we speak plainly, even if it hurts or offends.

Trayvon Martin sowed the seeds of his own destruction. It started with his bad behavior. It was compounded with his hooded camouflage on a dark, rainy night in a frightened neighborhood. It was sealed when he viciously attacked George Zimmerman, an innocent man, legally armed, wanting to protect his neighborhood.

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case. That is a red herring to distract attention from Trayvon’s assault on Zimmerman. Nevertheless, in Florida law-abiding black gun owners have disproportionately benefited from the stand your ground defense when it has been relevant. . . .

What about the oft mentioned civil rights affinity that exists between African-Americans and Hispanics?

There is no such affinity.

Blacks see Hispanics as an economic threat, not as an ally. The whole civil rights synergy is an elaborate kabuki theatre promoted by black and Hispanic activists simply to keep affirmative action going for as long as possible.

The only civil right that really matters is money in your pocket to feed and clothe your family. When it comes to that, America’s black leaders have a consistent record of unbridled antipathy toward all immigrants.

Hispanics (and other immigrants) compete with African-Americans for jobs, especially at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum and in the inner cities. Immigrants have displaced many blacks in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other industries. They have also made significant inroads into the government jobs that have historically been closed shops dominated by black workers…and their main pathway into the middle class.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have been meeting with the President to derail immigration reform. I can’t blame them. With black unemployment running almost twice the national average, blacks are already at a huge disadvantage in the workforce. Adding more legal workers anxious to achieve the “American Dream” will only make it that much harder for blacks to succeed or hold on to their economic gains.

Meantime, President Obama, our first mixed-race President, has decided to harass George Zimmerman, another mixed-race individual, for as long as possible. He has instructed his Department of Justice —whose name is quickly becoming a misnomer— to set up a tipster hotline to dig up any racist dirt, real or imagined, to crucify the exonerated Zimmerman. Those are the same hateful tactics used by white segregationists against black people. 

This is the promise of Hope and Change? This is what you call progress?

It is despicable. It sickens me. America’s first black President, the Nobel Prize winning Messiah who was going to bring us to the promised land of racial harmony and equality, has done more to divide this country than any President I have witnessed in my entire lifetime. He has alienated conservatives with his IRS Tea Party witch hunt. He has offended Jews by calling into question the territorial integrity of the State of Israel. He has antagonized hard working people of all ethnicities with his costly health care mandates and increased taxes. The list goes on and on.

Unlike the inane Mr. Iñiguez, I do not stand in solidarity with Trayvon Martin. I have no desire to align myself with his apologists or the race baiting profiteers in the media, in the black community, in Congress and in the White House who are intent on using his death to tear this country apart. They are putting us on a path to race riots in America.

I am proud of my Cuban roots but I am first and foremost an American. I sympathize with but have little in common ideologically with other Hispanics, including our celebrity starlets and harlots, who fawn over a President whose cronies and supporters now denigrate an innocent Latino and the very principles that are the bedrock of our sacred democracy. Countless white, black, Hispanic, Asian and other-Americans have fought and died for those principles. They were only Americans when it mattered.

So I am an American.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Don’t confuse me with other hyphenated quasi-Americans who love their country only when their selfish interests are met and their pocketbooks lined with thirty pieces of silver.

I am not one of them…and never will be.

Thank God.

Maybe the president should be impeached.  If this kind-of thing is what the rich and powerful of this country want, I doubt that will happen, however.
Did anyone notice that the media posted articles about Zimmerman helping rescue a family out of an overturned van four days after it actually happened?  The event occurred last Wednesday evening, then the planned protests happened over the weekend, and then the media writes about Zimmerman’s good Samaritan actions on Monday?  Maybe the did just find out on Monday, but I’d like to see proof of that.
Also of note is the ACLU’s stance on the Zimmerman case.  It supports leaving the guy alone and it wrote to the white house to say so.  One article about it is here.  Zimmerman’s mom comes from the most disadvantaged in her home country, Peru, yet the media insists that GZ is “white” here, fueling the racist agenda.  Interesting article about the Peruvian side of the family here; the informative family website is here.

Impeachment: The Unthinkable Process


Unemployment rate is not 7.5%. Tired of the news feeding you misleading information? (II)

The unemployment rate is about double that figure, with various experts providing a range between 13% and 16%.  Read on.

The report below is based on the ADP reports for job growth, or not . . .  Make sure to see the red and green graphic down the page a bit, “ADP Employment Change” (the recent change is negative).  While there is job growth in areas, look at the bottom of the info-graphic at the bottom of the article.  The average number of jobs in April was less than the previous five months.  Good jobs in manufacturing went DOWN, not up.

LINK:  ADP Private Jobs Plunge, Miss; Fall For Fifth Month In A Row

And get this:

LINK:  Dark side to jobs report: Big drop in hours worked; Commentary: Shorter work week equivalent to 500,000 jobs lost

Are you tired yet of the media providing a false and rosy picture of employment in this country?  What reason do they have to do so?  How can providing only part of the employment/unemployment picture help anyone – the government policy makers, business people, the unemployed?  While the author the article in the above link cautions that the data is only for one month and may not represent a long-term trend (still, that’s an awful lot of “jobs lost” not being reported), coupled with the ADP information in the first link, it isn’t encouraging.  It also confirms what so many employees are saying – they are given too few hours to work.

The video and transcript linked below gives actual, real-world evidence of the ridiculous time older people are having getting jobs (how they’re spending all their retirement, living off of aid, being forced into signing unlawful lay-off agreements, etc.).  Many were laid-off when the depression started.  I’m tired at this point of business people blaming others out there for out-sourcing jobs and therefore making it not competitive to pay Americans decent wages, or even hiring Americans at all, and things of this nature.  It’s business people that did all this – out-sourcing, laying off older workers because they have a higher pay rate and may cost more in health care, etc.  Not all business people have done these things, but it doesn’t matter much after our country and so many of its people are run into the ground.

Ethical business people should know about the applicable laws and regulations more than the average person, so they would be the best advocates for changes in the laws, tax structures, etc.  Many business people used to realize that employing people full-time and with decent pay made the whole community, and country, better.  Now it seems like only few do.  It’s like money is all that matters and that somehow they can take it to the grave with them – the future for everyone else is of no consequence.

As stated in the interview, the unemployment rate is closer to 16%.  This corresponds to Keith Hall’s testimony to the (US) Joint Economic Committee:  “Their data shows that American households now have an unprecedented dependence on these government programs. A remarkable 17.2% of total household income now comes from government social benefits, and such spending tracks pretty closely to the jobless rate (the share of the working age population without employment) . . .”

LINK:  Brutal Job Search Reality for Older Americans Out of Work for Six Months or More

For continually updated information on lay-offs and business closings, and links to pertinent articles (including where and how to get jobs), see

Brutality and Cruelty by Iranian Government, an Example

Iran sentences American pastor Saeed Abedini t...

The headline below doesn’t do justice to what its article conveys.  Abedini and his wife are from Iran, but are now American citizens.  Below the link are excerpts from the article – click the link to read the entire article.

Link:  Iran moves American Christian into solitary confinement over prayer protest

Saeed Abedini, the 32-year-old Christian and American citizen who is serving an eight-year prison term in Iran, was put in solitary confinement following a “peaceful, silent protest” in an outside courtyard at Iran’s notoriously brutal Evin prison, according to family members. Conditions at the prison prompted Abedini and other prisoners to sign a petition decrying the lack of medical care and the threats and harsh treatment facing family members who come to visit.

[Abedini] was arrested in 2005, but released after pledging never to evangelize in Iran again.  When he left his wife and two kids in Idaho last summer to return to Iran to help build a state-run, secular orphanage, Iranian police pulled him off a bus and imprisoned him.

The latest developments underscore the brutality of Iran’s continued violation of human rights – imprisoning, torturing and refusing medical care for Pastor Saeed merely because of his faith. This treatment not only violates international law, but is abhorrent . . .

See also Iranian American Pastor Unlawfully Imprisoned in Iran

 To learn more about Iran and to advocate for Abedini, see US State Department, Iran page (includes contact information).

The Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Nation of Sweden

I didn’t know Sweden had gotten so anti-Semitic.  Did you?  Isn’t this an example of hypocrisy to support violence against people, against a minority in your country, even?  I don’t keep up with European affairs too much, so I was very shocked and very sickened after reading the article linked below.  It’s so astonishingly tiring, too, to think violence perpetrated against Israel is Israel’s fault.

There is a lot of false “history” out there regarding the formation of Israel and the tensions and wars that followed (I guess even the educated in Sweden don’t want to know, but would rather spread hate).  Israel was not perfect – nobody is or was – but the Palestinians (and the Arab immigrant fighters brought in at that time) are not at all innocent.  Why do you think Israel received the land for their state after WWII, but then the Palestinians did not (nor have they ever since)?  Please read some real history if you don’t know and you think it’s all Israel’s fault (see the second link)!

LINK:  “Sweden. Violence dominates and a Jew today feels like a Jew in Berlin in the ’20s”

For a detailed history of Israel and Palestine, and all that has transpired in that region until the present day, go to this page to start, and then read on (links continue the narrative and provide other side links for more specifics):

LINK:  “Israel and Palestine: A Brief History – Part I” [it is not brief, it’s just not in book form . . .]

You will read that Israel had accepted the UN lines of partitions for their respective countries, even though it wasn’t great for Israel.  And then the Arab League declared war on Israel.  And, the Arabs were stabbing each other in the back over these lands (read the bottom of the “Partition” section).  Regarding the 1948 war:

The conflict created about as many Jewish refugees from Arab countries [as there were Arabs from Israel], many of whom were stripped of their property, rights and nationality, but Israel has not pursued claims on behalf of these refugees . . .

So who has moved on, left the past and revenge behind, and simply tried to make a good living?  Israel.  Israel defends itself, as anyone one would; it doesn’t terrorize and go out and kill innocents in buses, at restaurants, etc.  The hate toward them is mind-bogglingly unfounded.

Who are terrorists? Hint: Not American “conservatives”

Great article, and one that shouldn’t have to be written and published.  But get this:

CNN and MSNBC immediately speculated about “right-wing nutcases” and tea partyers. As of 2013, the number of terrorist attacks involving members of the tea party is precisely zero. The last major terrorist attack that had even the slightest link to anything on the political right was Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in 1995. Described as a devout Christian and Republican, he was neither.

Many people in the media or who have voices that the media likes to chime, are those who promote lies and hypocrisy against those they simply disagree with.  When you’re young, well, at least when I was young, I assumed people told the truth and did things that were in the best interest of others and the community.  People that weren’t criminals just didn’t do the things that are basically a common part of our media and leadership today.   In any case, the article that is linked below is great, and apparently a good portion of our population needs to read it, stop ignoring reality, and stop pointing fingers and spreading hate against regular people (who are often more informed than they are).

Link:  Boston Marathon terrorism: The toxic brew of Islam and politics

A murderous, cancerous ideology known as radical Islam has metastasized globally. It needs to be stopped, and admitting the problem exists is the first step to recovery for deniaholics.